Memphis Crunch

Buttery, chocolate almond toffee. Best eaten immediately. To hoard, store in a cool, dry place.

Caution: May promote selfish cravings.

Call (901) 550-8043 or email Mary to place your order! Sorry! Memphis Crunch is not available June-August.

  • Taste Treat bag (3 oz) – $5.50
  • Box (12 oz) – $18
  • Order 10 or more boxes – $17 each

We can mail Memphis Crunch to your friends, relatives and business associates. Additional cost of $2/box includes personalized card and packaging. Postage will be assessed according to destination and use of 2-day priority mail.



“Superbly delicious! Always tastes fresh!”

“New Orleans has her pralines, Memphis has Mary’s Crunch.”

“Mary’s Memphis Crunch is seriously “melt in your mouth” buttery,
chocolaty, nutty deliciousness!”

“I have had toffee from the UK and another from the U.S. touted as the best
– Memphis Crunch puts ‘em all to shame!”

“Like the Turkish Delight of Narnia, this is enchanted stuff.”

“We’re all hooked and love giving boxes of Crunch to our friends for the

“I always take a few boxes for gifts when I travel. Why keep Memphis’ best
candy a secret from the rest of the world?”

“I have steely self-discipline when it comes to sweets — but NEVER can
resist Memphis Crunch!!”

“Memphis Crunch: ‘the best there is!’”

“I love this stuff. Give me more!”

“Savor this special treat, share it with dear ones, or secret it away for
nocturnal noshing.”

“Nuts, chocolate and crunch — doesn’t get any better than that!”

“So good it should be illegal!”

“A great gift but so hard to part with.”

“It will make you lie to your loved ones.”

“I have friends in New Zealand who added Memphis to their North America
tour because of Mary’s Memphis Crunch.”

“Mary’s Memphis Crunch is excruciatingly delicious!”

“You will want to hide it from the rest of the family but you will need a
safe deposit box.”

“One of life’s great pleasures.”

“Makes a superb gift but can bring out one’s selfishness; I have a tendency
to hide mine to keep it all to myself!”

“From special treats for the kids to eagerly devoured dessert for dinner
guests, Mary’s Memphis Crunch does it all!”